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Ball Machines

Improve Your Tennis Skills

Accuracy and power are two of the key elements of elite-level tennis, and both can be improved with repetitive practice. If you’re serious about your game but don’t have a full-time coach, it can be hard to get the regular practice you need. That’s where a ball machine will come in handy. They’re one of the most effective (and fastest) ways to improve your tennis game and allow you to play when you want, where and how you want without a coach or hitting partner. Many players who work with a tennis coach will also work with ball machines because they allow the coach to get a closer look at the player’s technique, helping them to perfect each stroke.

Choose Your Speed

It’s equally important to practice hitting slow balls as it is fast balls and everything in between. Therefore, a tennis ball machine that’s able to shoot balls at different speeds should be a basic prerequisite for players wanting different training challenges. Keep in mind that professional tennis players are generally hitting groundstrokes from 80 – 130kph so speeds greater than this aren’t necessary for most amateur players to practice against. The top speed of the machine is very important if you want it to be able to provide a challenge well into the future. A faster top speed will keep you challenged for longer. As you improve, it’s more likely to simulate the speed of your opponents in higher levels of competition.

Why Choose Serving Aces?

Serving Aces is a specialty tennis equipment shop based in Melbourne. We’re passionate about tennis and are determined to offer competitive prices across our entire range, regardless of where you live in Australia. The tennis ball machine brands that we include here online and in-store are the brands that we believe in. Our in-store experience offers a friendly, customised touch to your shopping. Our online store offers a huge range and easy shipping options. Whatever your shopping preference may be, we can provide knowledgeable recommendations about equipment and apparel to help players of all levels exceed their own expectations.

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