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When To Replace Your Grip

Over time, as you play tennis, your base grip will wear down, become less effective, and need replacing. How often you play tennis, and your preference for maintaining the grip’s efficacy will dictate the frequency at which it needs replacement. For example, if you’re noticing that your racquet’s handle is becoming firm, it might be time to replace it. Similarly, if your grip is becoming slippery or difficult to control due to sweat, you might want to consider a replacement. Any grip will eventually start to fall apart with rips or tears that occur due to friction if you wait long enough. If you’ve reached this point, then you’ve waited too long, and it’s time to replace it!

Overgrips vs Replacements

The alternative option is to use overgrips, which wrap over the top. Most players use overgrips instead, which are thinner and don’t have a soft cushion. They rely on the original grip beneath them for a cushioning effect when wrapped over the top, and provide different features such as sweat absorption and tackiness. The great thing about overgrips is that they’re cheaper than replacement grips and you can change them regularly to keep your grip feeling new and comfortable. Some players prefer to use the original grip that comes with the racquet, but you need to use a replacement grip once they’re worn. These cost significantly more but do tend to last longer, provide cushioning and can also offer special features like finger ridges.

Buy Tennis Grips In Melbourne

You may still need to replace the synthetic base grip on your tennis racquet when it eventually loses its cushion. Whether you’re searching for overgrips or replacement grips, we have them all here at Serving Aces. If you’re playing tennis in Melbourne or anywhere in the area, you deserve to stop in and see how we can help you and your game. If you don’t live in Melbourne, you can also buy any of our products online; we deliver nationwide. So when you’re looking for the best range of tennis grips and more, browse our range and buy online.

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