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Yonex Tennis Racquets

Yonex Tennis Racquets

For more than 60 years, Yonex tennis racquets have triumphed on the courts to gain the trust of the world’s top athletes. The company combines timeless Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to produce innovative, high quality products.

Initially producing sporting goods for badminton, tennis and golf, Yonex strives for unparalleled craftmanship whilst looking at new ideas and technologies, including digital solutions for their design work and operations. Carbon graphite technology has been a part of their product development, which now extends to producing sport bikes and wind turbine blades. The Yonex tennis racquets range includes Ezone, Vcore, Vcore Pro and Astrel, with a special range for Juniors.

Get the tools to succeed. Speak to our experts at Serving Aces, Melbourne, for help with selecting from our range of Yonex tennis racquets.

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